glass partition

glass partition

Functioning primarily as dividers glass walls or partitions are high-quality panes that generate an idea of spaciousness to a room, while also bestowing an airy and open feeling. Desert Glass, typically, provides glass partition Dubai wall systems running from the ceiling to the wall, also called full glass that is either mounted on an aluminium frame or other hardware to hold them in place. The interior glass divides the room without having to compromise on floor space or light infiltration. While creating a practical working environment, the glass partition Dubai creates a comfortable space for the staff as natural light flows in abundance into the facility. It encourages people to interact with each other as it also changes the colours, patterns, and shapes of the rooms giving the office an elegant and enhanced look and feel. Our experts create floor plans and designs that maximize occupancy and save on revenue for a rented office space. With our glass partition Dubai installation, you can meet the needs of a wide range of corporate clients without sacrificing your business goals. Commercial building owners who do not want to see their property vacant for prolonged periods will definitely benefit from our proven designs equipped with modular glass partition Dubai, which is also a highly costeffective solution. Our glass wall systems come with a significant advantage over drywall and traditional sealed glass partitions. Desert Glass brings an array of benefits that you can enjoy when you install bespoke glass partition Dubai in your commercial office space. Companies can benefit from the aesthetics of the space especially where the image of your office is concerned. A fully framed glass partition Dubai can be used across various facilities such as retail spaces, offices, and residential applications, too. Modern open-plan workspaces can be really noisy as they feature drywall or traditional partitions. But with the Desert Glass partition Dubai, ambient noise is reduced, and workspaces become airier without compromising the original interior design. Aluminium frames are the most preferred holding for glass partitions since these are lightweight, lend sufficient rigidity, and avoid corrosion. The aluminium framing can also get natural anodization or powder-coated finish on its surface. Each framed module may also contain infills and a special transparent silicon ceiling if you are looking for a different design. Tempered clear, tinted, or opaque glasses, veneer, melamine, MDF, acrylic boards or PVC may also be used for the partition. Combine the full glass partition Dubai with sliding or hinged doors using high-level hardware for better space solutions and aesthetics. Speak to Desert Glass Partition Dubai for lower running costs and increased occupancy rates.


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