LED Mirror

Looking to bring a sense of modernity and luxury to your bathroom or room? Look no further than Desert Glass. We are here to help you to pick the right mirror for your room or bathroom. Choose from our elegant range of mirrors that you have never seen before. We create the most unique mirror in the market with more than 25 years of experience. Level up your room with our custom design LED Mirrors

Custom Mirror

Our Mirrors are the highest quality and can be made in any size, color, and finish. Whether your taste is simple or stylish, we can create the perfect mirror just for you with the best prices in UAE! Any kind of mirror you can think of… we make it!

about us

Desert Glass & Mirror Trading L.L.C was founded in 2000 as Mirror & Glass and Aluminum supplying to
the furniture industry in UAE. The company grew and in 2010 retail shop in Dubai and its own processing
works supplying glass, mirrors, and an installation services to both the trade and retail customers.

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